Friday, January 15, 2016

Which is Which? Eucalyptus

There are so many different types of plants/flowers out there. Sometimes multiple in the same category. So when we write up a quote and the bride says "What kind of flower is that? And what's the difference between these?" we hope these blog posts will clear it all up!

Today we are talking about eucalyptus. There are many many kinds out there, but the 5 that we are focusing on today, are the ones we most commonly use.

1. Feather

This eucalyptus is, obviously, very feathery. Makes any bouquet looks undone, eclectic, rustic, and natural. 

2. Gunnii 

Gunnii and Sprial (number 5) are very similar. Difference is that Gunnii has fronds that stick of the main stem, where as Spiral is just one long stem. 

3. Silver Dollar

Silver Dollar looks exactly as it sounds, like silver dollars you'd find on the beach. Same shape, big and round. Now the next eucalyptus is Seeded. The main difference between the two is the shape and the fact that Silver Dollar does not have the seeded. 

4. Seeded 

We use seeded all the time. We love it!!! Makes bouquets rustic, undone, and natural. Also draws out a fun texture from the seeds. 

5. Spiral

Spiral always reminds me of my grandmother. She dries them and hang them on her wall. This eucalyptus sticks straight up. We love it more for centerpieces. 

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